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09 February 2009

It's a Buyer's Market and a Seller's Market... at the same time. What the..?

Everyone's busy proclaiming that we're trading in a "buyer's market".  However, we are seeing signs that we also have a seller's market emerging within the residential property market.  How can that be?

At Morpheus Property, we're analysing property on a daily basis. We have seen the impact of three main stimulii, namely: 1/ lower interest rates, 2/ an increase in the First Home Owner Grant and 3/ reduction in stamp duty.

These changes have had their most profound impact on property purchases under $500,000 (many of our clients are in this price bracket).  Competition is fierce with less time on market and more incidents of multiple offers, gazumping, etc.

Between $500,000-750,000, things start to level out and the buyer's market really kicks in with anything over $750,000 (especially in the plus $1m price bracket, where we're seeing very large price reductions).

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