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09 February 2009

Terri Cooper Networking Event - Brisbane - $40

Time and Place
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
6:45am - 9:00am
Bronco's Leagues Club
Fulcher Road, Red Hill
Red Hill, Australia

Contact Info
0412 556 412


Do you have a book inside you waiting to come out?
Have you been thinking about writing a book for years?
Is your book ready and now you want to launch it to the world – but don’t know how?

This one is a must-see for all authors and potential authors. At this event you will learn about the incredible e-marketing opportunities available to authors right now. It also covers many practical topics of publishing your material using the latest tools available to you on the internet. Whether you have already written your book, or are just at the beginning of the writing process, this one is for you.

If you have not thought about it already, attending this event could provide the spark you need to turn your expertise into a book and boost your business. You will raise your profile and credibility, and have a new marketing tool!

At this informative breakfast The Google Guru will share his knowledge on getting that book written and getting it to the world using Amazon. He’ll also tell you how to get just the number of books printed to fill orders as they come in – no more having to buy bulk quantities of your book, no more storage problems.

In this presentation Monte will walk you through:
* Authoring a book in 2 weeks
* Ghost writers for under $500
* Getting published
* ISBN numbers - what and how
* Global distribution
* CD's, DVD's and more

Whether you are ready to write the book now or it’s something you plan to do in the future, you can’t afford to miss this inspiring breakfast presentation.

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