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10 February 2009

Did you know??

Cleaning your home prior to sale can be an excellent way to improve the presentation and your sales price. However, how often are you legally able to wash and what do you need?

In accordance with the Queensland Water Commissions external cleaning guidelines (in association with the E.C.I.A – External Cleaning Industry Association) you can have external surfaces of a building or paved surfaces washed by a licensed and registered external cleaner.

There are limits on the frequency of external washing and those restrictions are as follows:
Domestic house washing – once every twelve months
Domestic roof cleaning – once every three years
Commercial/industrial building washing – once every two years
Commercial/industrial internal factory cleaning – once every twelve months (per building)
Commercial/industrial roof cleaning – once every three years
The only time an extra wash listed above is acceptable is in the following cases:
Building is being prepared for painting (‘pre-paint’ washing)
If There are any health and safety issues
The presentation of a house for a new tenant or owner/occupier

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