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19 May 2008

Keeping it Green!

Plant local native species in your garden, as they require less work and water, and improve the visual amenity of our streetscape.

If you are laying or seeding turf, select a drought resistant variety so you don't need to water it. Lawns are the most expensive crops in the world to grow and maintain, and they don't produce food.

Plant trees or install awnings on the western side of the house to protect it from the hot western summer sun.

If you water your garden or fruit trees, use a dripper system or soaker hoses. A hose can use up to 1 000 litres/hour while a drip system uses less than 50 litres/hour (however, be wary of any water restrictions in your area). Put a thick layer of mulch around plants in your garden – it saves water, reduces weeds and improves the soil.

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