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04 February 2008

Rental Housing Vacancy Rates in Queensland

Rental vacancy rates are a key ingredient when looking at the return on investment (ROI) equation, along with the property purchase price, any value-add activity, rental payments, other expenses such as rates, insurance, maintenance, etc.

Currently, rental vacancy rates are incredibly low in Brisbane, particularly Brisbane suburbs outside of the 5km distance of the Brisbane GPO. A summary for December 2007, recently released by (Office of Economic and Statistical Research) OESR are below:

Inner Brisbane - 2.2%
Remainder of Brisbane - 1.6%
Brisbane Surrounds - 2.3%
Gold Coast - 2.4%
Rest of Queensland - 2.5%

This is an indication of fierce competition amongst tenants for good quality homes.
It is good news for Queensland investors, who are looking for continuity of payments on their investment property.

For more information on this survey and others, go to the OESR website.

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