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03 January 2010

Sounds Of Then - GANGgajang

I love this song (also called "This is Australia"). So very Australian with some great lyrics. You might recall the verse that starts, "The block is awkward - it faces west, With long diagonals, sloping too."

When I first heard this song (MANY years ago), it didn't occur to me that GANGgajang were into property, but there you go!

Take a page out of their book and avoid property with poor orientation to the sun's path. With the increasing costs of electricity and the sustainability juggernaut moving as quickly as it is, you could suffer from owning a poorly positioned property in more way than one.

This is just one area we cover in our comprehensive MPA Reports. If you have a property in mind, get your Buyer's Agents to give it a thorough once over and inspection. You'll be pleased you did!

- Comprehensive MPA Report + Site Visit - $660

- Comprehensive MPA Report (no site visit) - $440
- MPA Lite - $220

Note: All prices are GST inclusive

Now! For any GANGgajang fans out there, here's a YouTube video of their song Sounds of Then (This is Australia):

Or go to their website to buy their ablum:

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