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16 August 2008

Houghton Highway Duplication - Update

The Houghton Highway Duplication Project is delivering the following:

» Building a new 2.7km bridge between Brisbane and Redcliffe with three traffic lanes, a pedestrian/cycle path, and dedicated fishing platform.
» Upgrading the existing Houghton Highway bridge and approach intersections.
» Constructing pedestrian/cycle underpasses at both ends of the Houghton Highway bridges.
» Demolishing the deteriorating Hornibrook Bridge. The bridge entry portals will be restored, and part of its northern end will be rebuilt for recreational use.

The project is starting to take shape, with a good 200m progress from the Brighton end and work starting from Clontarf Point.

Picking the hotspot associated with this project isn't that difficult. Redcliffe Peninsula (Clontarf and Woody Point in particular) is set to soar. However, (as always) there are markets within markets and not all property has what it takes to make your portfolio really perform. Talk to your Morpheus Property Agent to help you pick a gem!

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