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09 May 2008

Thinking Property ... think Morpheus Property!

So what does that tagline above mean ... "If you are thinking property ... think Morpheus Property?"

We are Buyers Agents, but we have expertise across a range of property areas and can help people wanting to sell their house also. If we dont list property for sale how can we help you when your selling? To illustrate this point I will recount an email I sent to a client recently.

This client was selling their current home to upgrade to a new family home that was bigger and better suited to their growing family. I have changed the names to protect the innocent:

Dear John and Alice,

I have spoken with a great Sales Agent, Peter Perfect and he is going to swing past the property and have a look. Just the outside for now! With Peter’s extensive experience in the area he will be able to give a fair market appraisal without all the rubbish of high price promises that agents use to sign you up to a Sales Agreement. I have been on the other side of many negotiations with Peter and I have even sold my own property through Peter!

Just a few other issues to watch out for:

  • Never sign a standard agency agreement with an exclusivity that is too long – don’t lose control over your own property
  • The already mentioned “Bait Pricing” where agents quote unrealistic high list prices to get your business and then they condition you with market feedback to sell for far less
  • Trust the Agent – that is if you can’t trust the agent then you are using the wrong agent to represent you and your property in the market
  • Failing to check out the agent – using an agent that doesn‘t come highly recommended and with a reputation to protect is an agent that is not going to care how the sale of your property turns out.
  • Don’t just choose based on the agent promising to get you the highest price
  • Don’t pay any fees or commission in advance
  • Don’t use an agent that treats Buyers badly because he will also treat you badly
  • Use an Agent with proven local knowledge and one who is a good negotiator. You don’t need a slick salesperson you need a great negotiator
  • Don’t sell you house at Auction, especially at the moment
  • Be careful not to reject early buyers out of hand … sometimes your best offers come in early
  • Dull homes get poor prices – but don’t spend large amounts of money on renovations just prior to selling … make the house look good, but do it without spending a lot of money.

I’ll let you know what Peter advises. Then after you have given it some thought and made a decision, I will ask him to give you a call to make an appointment to talk with you! I will also negotiate the sales appointment with Peter to ensure your protection. This is a free service to you.

Have a great weekend!


Any questions about this or any other aspect of property sales or buying, please feel free to contact us on 1300 727 586.

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