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04 July 2011

Do we qualify for a Lunchbox Session with Morpheus Property?

Morpheus Property make life easier for people wanting to buy property. We deliver on this promise from day 1.

Although Morpheus host a variety of events, we also cater for our busy professionals. We bring our high quality seminars to your workplace where there are 20+ staff members.

Your Buyer's Agent will come to your workplace and cover two of our most popular topics. These topics are carefully chosen to help people achieve better results when buying property. It's delivered in the following format.

Session 1:
20 min - Market Update
10 min - Q & A

Session 2:
20 min - Property Negotiations
10 min - Q & A

Your Morpheus Property Buyer's Agent will deliver the material on-site. This is usually in your training room, boardroom or auditorium and allows you to eat lunch at the same time.

The Q&A segments offer a chance to participate and ask all the questions you'd like to ask an experienced property Buyer's Agent.

How to organise your Lunchbox Session?
Contact Morpheus Property on 1300 911 576 and speak to your local Buyer's Agent. They will arrange a suitable time to visit, set up and offer useful some valuable information.

Employers - This is a great opportunity to show you care! This is a simple and easy way (and doesn't cost you anything) to ensure your staff members are investing their income wisely and creating wealth and a better lifestyle. Morpheus Property offers solutions to employees where we'll do the property research, hunting, inspecting and negotiations while they work. The efficiency gains are very attractive for employers.

Employees - If you'd like us to run an event at your workplace, just send us your employer or HR Manager's contact details and we'll make the arrangements.


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