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16 June 2011

DIY or use a Buyer's Agent?

We live in a well informed society, don't we?

The internet has made a real difference to the sheer volume of information we can tap into. This information is quite useful when assessing the property market, as well as searching for and analysing individual properties.

However, the average person doesn't buy property very often. Chances are, you won't buy property more often than a few times in your lifetime (unless you have a large property portfolio, frequently change address or are involved in property development). Because this is an infrequent task for us, it's difficult to develop as a skill.

Do you get the feeling I'm about to suggest everyone use a Buyer's Agent?

Well, that all sounds logical to the folk at Morpheus Property (we're a little biased), but that ignores the fact that some people will always want to:

- do their own taxes and avoid paying an accountant
- mow their own lawn and not give the next door neighbour's kid some pocket money
- have a crack at renovating their own bathroom and not pay tradies to do it for them (at least not to begin with)

Yes, some people simply enjoy doing things for themselves!

We understand this. We love what we do for a living, so it's highly likely that other people will enjoy it too. Also, some people will always be attracted to the DIY model (irrespective of the task), but they can fall into some pretty serious traps along the way. There is a problem with the DIY model when buying property - if you learn through your mistakes, they can be quite costly and take many years to recover.

Unfortunately, we hear way too many stories where DIY buyers have told us about their recent purchase, leaving us cringing and politely reassuring them that they got a great deal. This happens too often, so we looked for a solution where our DIY buyers still get the support they need. At Morpheus Property, we offer our clients a budget solution, meaning you still do most of the legwork, but you have an expert in your corner.

There are three main levels of support:
1. Property reports (called "MPA Reports"), which analyse each property thoroughly before you buy. More info >>
2. Mentoring by your own Buyer's Agent. More info >>
3. Courses to learn more about the buying process and how to do it properly More info >>

At this stage, the most popular selection has been our mentoring service combined with our MPA reports. We're delighted that DIY buyers are getting a layer of protection in achieving their property goals and we're hearing less disaster stories.

If you'd like to know more about these services or you know someone who is muddling their way through the process and could use our help, please pass on our number and recommend they give us a call: 1300 911 576.


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