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12 May 2011

A sense of 'Fair Play'

Some people ask:
"Why Morpheus Property?"
"What sparked the concept?"
"How have real estate agents reacted to your presence?"
Good questions!!

Historically, people selling property would engage a real estate agent to sell their property. Buyers were left to their own devices under the concept "caveat emptor" or "buyer beware".

As many buyers were ill-equipped to lock horns with a seasoned negotiator, the balance of power was clearly in favour of people selling real estate. It was common for real estate agents to befriend buyers to the extent that buyers were unclear about who the real estate agents were working for.

Feeling the plight of buyers and to fix this imbalance, Martyn Fleming & Guy Clarke (the founders of Morpheus Property) sought to introduce an expert opponent to the equation. Morpheus Property was established to provide a level playing field in the real estate industry, starting in the Brisbane area. The dream - a sense of fair play in real estate transactions.

When Morpheus Property began representing people buying property, we noticed vastly different reactions from real estate agents. There was a mixture of elation, confusion, cautious civility, and many were downright rude and hostile.

These reactions were perfectly normal!!

We dared to change the very dynamics of the industry and with change comes pain and resistance. We changed how agents would interact with buyers (a significant part of their work). Some agents began to doubt their greatest skill - negotiation!

As the dust settled, we're finding that real estate agents are still cautious about dealing with Buyers Agents. However, most agents seem to appreciate the clarity in the new world order. They are more confident when the Buyers Agents are looking after everything the buyers need to attend to during a property purchase transaction, so they can focus on their vendors. For everyone (including the vendors and real estate agents), the process now runs more smoothly and with less hiccups.

Better yet, buyers are getting the representation they deserve!!


dancilhoney said...

This blog will chart my ups and down in finding buyers for the dordogne property I brought to my boss.

arrielle_p said...

Great read in here. Thanks!

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