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31 May 2011

The role of a Migration Agent vs Buyer's Agent

As a Buyers Agent, we often work in partnership with Migration Agents. Despite the fact that both of us provide help to migrants, our roles are completely different.

When talking to people migrating to Australia, we are often asked about migration policy. Although we can talk about life in Australia and help potential migrants with property-related issues, advice relating to the migration process should come from a registered Migration Agent.

Despite this service becoming more popular (see table below), approximately half of all visa applicants choose to do it themselves or rely on advice from websites, family and friends.

Number of registered migration agents over the last 2 years

Recently, I was asked how many people use a Migration Agent and for which categories of visa. Department of Immigration and Citizenship publish quarterly reports and I've included the last available report from to illustrate which categories tend to rely on the services of a Migration Agent.

Proportion of applications lodged by registered migration agents

For a more detailed breakdown of the July - Sept 2010 quarter figures (by individual categories of visa subclass), follow this link.

If you know of someone struggling to find a good Migration Agent, we'd be only too happy to help. Picking a credible Migration Agent is tricky and an important decision. Contact us by email and we'd be happy to help out!

Please feel free to leave comments about your experience (or your friend, family member's experience) using a Migration Agent. Feel free to leave the Migration Agent's contact details in the comments section if you think they did a really good job.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the differentiation between buyer's agents and migration agents. The statistics on the graph were also interesting. The use of migration agents is definitely on the rise.

Paul |

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