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02 December 2010

Go Green and Save Money

In delivering property solutions, many of our clients are starting to think and act 'green', especially our commercial clients. Colette Quelhurst and her team can help business owners improve bottom-line results by adopting a green focus, which is appealing to an ever growing number of environmentally discerning clients.

Below is a recent article explaining their services in a little more detail. If you would like more information, contact Colette on 0431 699 771 or 3203 8232. Their website is packed full of interesting facts and information -

Pictured: Peter Sobchuk from Goodlife Accounting with Colette Quelhurst from GreenBizCheck.

MOST businesses can make changes to become more environmentally responsible. And GreenBizCheck franchisee Colette Quelhurst says a green credentials assessment can also help cut costs.

The Scarborough resident has been running the North Brisbane branch for the past few months and said the audit process was recognised globally.

‘‘Businesses having a certain level of sustainability will become mandatory in a couple of years so we are getting them ahead of legislation,’’ Ms Quelhurst said. ‘‘I am finding that at this stage many people don’t understand what the process is but I am here to talk them through the benefits of an assessment.’’

GreenBizCheck provides businesses with a 260-point online assessment, with immediate reporting and action planning. The process was designed to help businesses reduce their impact on the environment, by reducing waste, energy and water use.

Ms Quelhurst said apart from the obvious benefits of pollution reduction and cost saving, other benefits for organisations to go green included saving money, motivating staff, attracting ecosavvy customers and utilising green credentials for marketing and PR.

‘‘We offer a 100 per cent moneyback guarantee if clients do not save at least the cost of certification,’’ she said.

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