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22 November 2010

Market Research

If you're after a property market update and forecast, feel free to give us a call.

At Morpheus Property, we access and interpret a wide variety of news and research publications to help ensure we give our clients competent advice.

For the typical investor, researching the market comes from plenty of reading. However, not everyone's singing off the same hymn sheet. Some will sound like the end of the world is near and others will be quite optimistic.

First step is to identify the more credible sources of information, particularly those that take a more comprehensive view and appear to be well funded in their research. Then look for an aggregated opinion of the credible sources.

As you read through the many publications available on the web, you'll notice that some information will be more relevant to you and some will be quite redundant.

Here are a couple of reports from Westpac that you might find interesting. They cover 2010 - 2012 and cover residential and commercial property:
- Sydney Market Update
- Melbourne Market Update
- Brisbane Market Update
- Adelaide Market Update
- Perth Market Update
- Canberra Market Update

These days, we often live in a world of 'information overload'. At Morpheus Property, we can help you make sense of what's being said and how you can best take advantage of it.

As always, there are plenty of opportunities out there and we'll help you find them!

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