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26 September 2010

Property Investment Seminar on Brisbane's North Side!!

Book now for your FREE Educational Seminar, which explains the fundamentals of investing in property.

As you know, many people in the real estate industry try to sound clever by over-complicating the topic, in an attempt to sell a book or promote themselves. This results in many investors not knowing which way to go, or leaving them in a state of "analysis-paralysis".

Attending our FREE Seminar, you'll hear from property, financial and legal experts on the topics that will give you clarity and confidence to take the next step!

This seminar will be held in Caboolture on the 7th October, 2010. To register, go online to

You'll also have the chance to ask the panel members questions in an interactive Q&A session. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, but still hear answers to your questions, feel free to ask your questions as you register online.

Look forward to seeing you there!


Kelly2010 said...

Another good source of information will be the local paper of that area. There you will find classifieds and legal notices which can give you an idea how business is growing and where and when foreclosure auctions are to take place. As you compile more places to follow up with from simply reading the paper, make sure you actually follow up! Many newspapers have websites, but you will not get the same information you will with the actual paper.

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