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17 June 2010

What to look for in a Buyer's Agent?

As we know, buying property can be so much easier and profitable when you have someone representing you. Having competent representation means you can sit back, relax, while your advocate deals with the property owners and sales agents.

However, the Property Agents & Motor Dealers Act 2000 (PAMD Act) makes it illegal for anyone to represent buyers (or sellers), unless they are licensed agents under the Act. If someone is providing these services, it's a fair to ask your agent:
1. "Do you have a current real estate licence?"
2. "What is your licence number and when does it expire?"

Asking these questions will give you peace of mind that your agent has completed the necessary study and is appropriately qualified to represent you, the buyer. So 'yes', people who are acting without a licence are acting illegally!! This includes people who might try and perform Buyer's Agency services as a adjunct to their business, but don't specialise in the field or have a licence issued by the Office of Fair Trading.

Beyond a question about licences, you might also ask them how many years of experience they have as a Buyer's Agent. You should also ask about their skills, knowledge and training which are relevant to working as a Buyer's Agent.

Ultimately, you need to be convinced that the Buyer's Agent you employ has the licence, skills, knowledge and experience to help you get you the best result.

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