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03 June 2010

Terri Cooper Networking event - Stephen Dale Speaking

As business owners, we dedicate our lives to achieving our goals and ‘living the dream’. We read books, study texts, take courses and commit our time, effort and finance to create a thriving business. But how many of us actually achieve the success and happiness we crave?

Stephen Dale was 21 when his life went over a cliff. Literally. He fell 30 metres on to the rocky beach below and sustained shocking injuries – a dislocated and multi-fractured spine, a shattered skull, ruptured internal organs with multiple lacerations and critical blood loss.

His injuries took away his ability to read, write and speak, he was unemployable, unable to move freely and lived in the grip of constant pain. Simple acts that once were taken for granted, like dressing himself and organising breakfast were excruciatingly difficult. His life became plagued with depression, fear, panic and rage.

Despite these and many more debilitating obstacles, Steve refused to surrender. He committed himself to regaining everything that had been taken from him and living a life of purpose and fulfilment.

In his 10-year struggle to rebuild his shattered life, he learned the singular, most important action necessary to overcome any obstacle, regardless of how relentless and powerful it appeared to be.

Steve will share this powerful and practical secret that will bring clarity and direction to your quest for success. He will also present a practical path to follow, so that you can take the first step towards that elusive ‘next level’.
Steve will show you how to:

- Bring clarity and direction to your life and business
- Change your life and change your business
- Reach that higher level
- Motivate yourself when you run out of options
- Motivate others when they lose sight of their goal

The Morpheus Team will be there and we recommend that you be there too!
Yours in property.

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