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20 May 2010

Prepare for house prices to increase!

Extract from Courier Mail article today:

TONY Abbott has accused the Rudd government of pushing up the cost of housing for young people through the proposed resource super-profits tax on quarry industries producing sand, gravel and cement.

At a quarry in Queensland yesterday, the Opposition Leader said "as things stand Labor's great big new tax is not just a tax on BHP and Rio and the other big companies, it's a tax on dozens, if not hundreds, of small family-run businesses, like this one, which are vital, absolutely vital, for Australians' everyday life".

"This is not just a tax on energy. It's a tax on building and it's a tax on food because this tax hits quarries, it hits phosphate. So, it really is a tax that will have ramifications for every Australian, ramifications for their jobs, ramifications for their retirement savings, ramifications for their daily cost of living," Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott said the proposed tax on quarrying meant the cost would "get passed on to Australian home builders, which is the last thing that anyone should want, but what we're seeing increasingly is that every day there is more evidence that this great big new tax is a disaster"..... (more)

In short, housing prices are either about to increase a little or a lot. For people planning to build their own home, now is the time.

Morpheus Property is helping home buyers to carefully select the right builder and help them navigate the maze of options, including where to build.

However, home buyers should heed the warning and lock in today's prices before they increase. To get help, buyers should call 1300 911 576.

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