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25 April 2010

Cross River Rail Study - Does this effect you?

At Morpheus Property, we like to keep our eye on the impacts caused by infrastructure projects, large and small.

Brisbane's Cross River Rail is no small project and will have significant impact in the usual areas:
- land resumptions
- noise during and after construction
- changed traffic conditions
- increased demand on commercial premises
- improved amenity once complete
- potential changes to GFAs for property closer to new stations

In short, the project is looking into an area 19 kilometres long from Salisbury in the south to Wooloowin in the north, passing through Brisbane City and Bowen Hills. Given it having an impact on traffic in the CBD, it's probably relevant to most people in Brisbane, but it will obviously be more relevant to some than others.

Take a quick look at the area within scope of the study (image below) and assess for yourself whether this will have an impact on an area you currently own property or are considering buying. According to the project timelines, if it's given the green light, we should see construction start in a couple of years.

If you'd like to discuss this project and your property strategy with a property expert, contact Morpehus Property today on 1300 911 576.

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