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06 February 2010

CM Article - 2 good reasons to use a Buyer's Agent

There are two main points we can learn from this promotional article in the Courier Mail today.

1. Loose lips sink ships!
Be careful how much information you share with the agent (and / or the owner). The extra $200k mentioned could have been avoided if the investor were more tight-lipped about his intended purpose for the property. Your Buyer's Agent will ensure your information (especially the information detrimental to your bargaining position) will remain confidential.

2. Get "Savvy"!!
When buying in an unfamiliar area, there are dangers in failing to understand two critical elements:
* the market: Not only for interstate and overseas buyers, but also anyone who doesn't feel like doing the research necessary to ensure they're buying good value property without paying the 'ingorance' premium.
* regulations: Operating in a different state or country may present hidden traps without first seeking competent advice. Each country differs with duties, taxes, laws relating to finance, etc.
Your Buyer's Agent will ensure you're well informed of the applicable laws relating to your property purchase.

Solution: Get a Buyer's Agent to help you buy your property for the right price!!

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