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01 January 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! from Morpheus Property


A quick THANK YOU to our clients, colleagues, suppliers and staff members.

Morpheus Property enjoyed another growth year in 2009 and we're poised to take advantage of strong market growth in 2010 and beyond.

TIP #1: As the market continues to warm up, keep an eye on your equity levels and improved cash flow. Increases in equity and rental repayments will put you in a position where you're ready to buy your next investment property. Talk to us when you're approaching this point (2 months before is ideal), so we can be ready to add another high performing property to your portfolio.

TIP #2: Buying property in a seller's market needs to be handled quite differently to our current market. Given our experience in previous seller's markets, Morpheus Property is prepared to take them on. Make sure you're ready!

TIP #3: Many things have changed today - 1 Jan 2010. Some of these changes include: the FHOG boost no longer available (FHOG remains), Sustainability Declarations are now required by vendors, Pool legislation changes, hot water system phasing out in Queensland areas supplied with gas, electricity submetering required for certain types of property, $3,000 grant proposed for remote relocations (on top of FHOG).

Don't forget, we're only a phone call away - 1300 911 576. As always, we're looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Enjoy the holiday break.

Drive safely on the roads.

Speak to you soon! : )

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