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22 January 2010

DIY Buyers get the help they need!

Morpheus Property has launched a new service, which is designed to assist buyers 'do property, properly'.

Buyer's Agents at Morpheus Property have seen buyers (who are not their clients) make tragic and costly mistakes when buying property.

Think of buying property as a minefield where the property sits on the other side. Some DIY buyers manage to leap onto every mine in their path. Others only manage to leap on one mine, but one mine can be devastating on its own!

Of course, the learning experience can be invaluable, but it can also be quite costly. Not only can buyers lose money on the purchase, but it can delay their growth in equity and the financial freedom that comes from using property as leverage for your investments.

Using the Morpheus Mentor's programme, DIY Buyers can draw on the expertise of a seasoned Buyer's Agent. Your Morpheus Mentor will help you successfully navigate through the minefield and make sure you have no regrets with your next property purchase. What's involved?

3 hour educational component - $1,650
- a one-on-one session with an experienced Buyer's Agent
- your DIY Buying workbook
- define your property purchase objective
- define an approach to achieve the objective
- a proven process guide to ensure you don't miss a step
- examples of where the most common mistakes are made and how to avoid them
- an action plan with templates to enter your progress

Phone and email support - $200/month
- access your Buyer's Agent to get advice as you need it
- only pay for the support you need

To find out more, contact Morpheus Property on 1300 911 576 or send an email to

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