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15 January 2010

Disclosure to Buyers - Have you EVER heard this?

I'd be curious to know how many buyers have received this disclosure. I'm becoming alarmed by the number of agents who have a "Buyer's Representative" or worse, a "Buyer's Agent" in their office. This is a blatant abuse of trust and is designed to lower your guard and illicit information you wouldn't normally release.

During a property deal, you may be introduced to someone like this. You'll notice this often evolves into a good cop, bad cop routine where 'your representative' attempts to gain your trust in the struggle against your seller's representative. Just to be clear, they're both your advisaries and you need to be careful with what you say to either of them. As the legislation points out, all information you disclose may reach the vendor or be used against you throughout the purchase process.

Buyer Beware!

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