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22 November 2009

$3,000 to relocate to regional centres. Would this entice you to move?

Premier Anna Bligh has proposed a $3,000 boost to the first home owner's grant to encourage people to settle in areas outside south-east Queensland. She wants more people to live in places like Rockhampton, Townsville and Mackay to ease the pressure on Brisbane where most people come to settle.

Steve Greenwood (Property Council of Australia) is of the belief that the $3,000 isn't like to go very far when an average relocation from Brisbane to Cairns would cost approx $5,000. The proposal also suffered criticism from Greg Hallam (Local Govt Assn) and Brian Stewart (Urban Development Institute of Aust), who believe it doesn't stike to the core of the issue of housing undersupply.

While the proposal is yet to be confirmed, I'm curious about your thoughts.

- Is this likely to encourage anyone to move?
- Do you think it's likely to achieve the objectives Anna Bligh is hoping to achieve?

Feel free to leave your comments.

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