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19 August 2009

A little more about your Buyer's Agents - Martyn Fleming

Martyn has a background in Accounting, IT and Project Management. Author of 7 Blunders of Buying Property, Martyn's qualifications include a Bachelor's Degree in Business (Accounting and E-Business) and a mix of post-graduate studies including Project Management, IT and Real Estate.

Martyn’s attention to detail and dogged determination to nut out even the most complex scenarios is unrivalled. His work experience is borne from a love of systems and a passion for process engineering and refinement.

Before starting Morpheus Property, Martyn spent ten years in IT project management and business analysis. Prior to this, he spent his formative years in the banking and professional services industry’s.

Martyn is also the Director of the "Catalyst Club" of the Australian Business Clubs, a networking group which meets on Tuesday mornings in Northlakes.

Martyn is involved in a wide variety of sports and is more recently involved in triathlons and cycling events.

Martyn is most passionate about training karate with his wife and two kids and competing in tournaments. He applies his natural discipline and commitment as a karate instructor to pass on valuable life lessons to his students.

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