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24 August 2009

13th Sept is "Sustainable House Day"

This is a good chance to get some ideas for your own project!!

Sunday, 13th September
10:00am -4:00pm
Locations (become available 1 Sept, 2009)

Pop in and see good examples of energy efficient homes. Visit the website and stay tuned for address details, which will be available 1 September.

Environment Minister Peter Garrett today launched two new initiatives designed to boost householder efforts to save energy, water and reduce waste — the Government's new web portal and Sustainable House Day 2009. includes practical information and tools on how householders can live more sustainably, save money and help the environment.

“Almost 10 per cent of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions come from households. But every Australian can make a big difference to the environment and their wallets through simple, cost-effective, everyday actions.

“Australians want to know what they can do to reduce their impact on the environment, and as the massive uptake of the new solar hot water and insulation rebates shows, households are keener than ever before to make their homes more energy and water efficient.

“ is an innovative and informative webpage that contains practical tips as well as information about Government programs and financial assistance to support households to improve their energy efficiency,” Minister Garrett said.

Minister Garrett said Sustainable House Day on Sunday September 13 was another great way for households to see first-hand the practical and often easy steps people can take to reduce their energy and water bills.

“Around 170 homes around the country will open their front door to the public. It's an opportunity to get first-hand advice and information from ordinary homeowners about the benefits of sustainable living.

“Architects, builders and home sustainability assessors will also be on hand at many of the homes to provide expert advice. Admission to each home is free, thanks to the Rudd Government's $100,000 sponsorship of this great event,” said Minister Garrett.

The Sustainable House Day website has a list of all open houses and the energy and water saving improvements each house has made.

Information on how you can make your own home more energy efficient is available at

Yours in property!!

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