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06 April 2009

Do you know the 'Procrastinator'???

Chances are, you know this person - the Procrastinator!!
  • This person has the same (or very similar) New Year's resolutions every year.
  • They told you about their dreams to make millions, yet still hold the same 9-5 job 10 years later.
  • They have half-complete projects around the home and will finish them all 'one day'.
  • They told you about their grand plan to invest in property and become the next Donald Trump and have only managed to achieve growth in their rental repayments.
If you have a friend, colleague or family member who fits this category, mention the benefits of using a Buyer's Agent. Not only will they get a great property for a great price, we will ensure the job gets done!!! Having a Buyer's Agent engages the energy, enthusiasm and focus to ensure we achieve their goal, from home ownership to increasing their property portfolio.

One of the most frequent regrets we hear from our clients is: "I wish I'd bought earlier"

Avoid the regrets and get into it now, while the deals are good and before our next (inevitable) property boom!

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Yours in property!

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