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29 January 2009

A Structured Approach

At Morpheus Property, we follow a proven and structured approach to buying property.  Our processes and business model are well defined to meet our client's needs and get results. 

As you can imagine, these processes need to adapt to our client's needs.

For example, an owner-owner (including first home owners), investor and developer need us to analyse property in a completely different way.

The residential owner-occupier needs to live in the house. The commute to work and school are relevant, as well as the condition and number of rooms, size of backyard, etc.   The commercial owner-occupier will use the building to assist the business in some way - retail shopfront, office space, show room, workshop, storage space, etc. Morpheus Property searches for property meeting these needs (whatever they are), as well as ensuring it's in a good location for future capital growth.

The investor has a different set of needs.  Investors are usually chasing four things: a good return on investment (in terms of occupancy and yield), good capital growth, low maintenance and the potential for healthy depreciation claims.

The developer is generally after a short-term profit, which involves some effort or input on their behalf. This could include a complete building design and construct (or "D&C") project, or any amount of work in between.  This might include getting council approval for sub-division, renovations, etc. Ultimately, the end result should achieve a profit figure.

There are also buyers involved in a hybrid of the above categories, such as a home owner, who also wishes to subdivide the block of land. Another example is where someone buys six commercial units and only occupies one, acting as landlord for the remaining 5.  This has been particularly popular with self managed super funds (SMSF).

No matter which type of buyer you are, Morpheus Property can help you.

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Yours in property!

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