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16 January 2009

Transforming hard to sell properties into great saleable property. - An article by Narelle Todd

From cluttered homes to messy gardens, from tired decor to bedraggled interiors, Successful Living transforms hard to sell properties into sellable homes – and encourages homeowners to release the past, get smart and prepare for a timely sale.

Don’t let your home sit languishing on the property market. Inspire prospective buyers by following 4 of Narelle’s simple strategies to declutter and enhance your property:

1. Declutter your home and gardens. Spend the time to remove the stuff in your home. Be ruthless. You need to present a home that reflects adequate storage. Having things lying around or falling out of cupboards is not the image you want to present as you will raise questions with your prospective buyers that there is not enough storage.
2. Make it easy for your prospective buyers to see themselves living in your home. Give sentimentals a rest. Remove your knick-knacks and have a minimum of photos out.
3. Declutter your kitchen benches by removing appliances and other space stealers. This will assist your kitchen appear bigger and spacious and attractive to buyers.
4. Sort through your belongings in each room of your house and toss what you don’t need or don’t use. Look at what you have remaining and decide what needs to remain in your home and what you can put in storage. By decluttering before you sell, not only do you present your home clutter-free and spacious, you will also save yourself money by reducing your removalists costs.

By presenting a well prepared property, you provide a lasting positive impression and you have set the scene for achieving your sale price.

Narelle Todd and the Successful Living team coaches and encourages home sellers through a major clean-up and targeted makeover that will help you seal the deal. You can find out more on how to maximise your home sale price at

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