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19 December 2008

Meet Narelle Todd & Successful Living

At Morpheus Property we work hard at building a team of experts in their field. We fondly refer to them as our "Expert Panel". We would like you to meet Narelle Todd another of our experts changing the lives of our family, friends and customers.

Who & What is Narelle Todd and her company Successful Living

Established in 2004, Successful Living is dedicated to creating calm from chaos whether that chaos is in the home or the home-based business. Successful Living’s Director, Narelle Todd, has transformed organisation into a meaningful and fun activity and works hands on with her clients to ensure the experience is enjoyable and long lasting.

Narelle’s well sharpened skills have come from a successful 15 year management career in Human Resource Management and Learning & Development Facilitation which serves Narelle well in her own business where she works with people from all walks of life to help them get and stay organised.

The truth is that different personalities use different strategies to stay organised. If you are overwhelmed because your home or diary is a mess or you are constantly saying “I can’t find….” then chances are you are trying to use organising systems that are not right for you.

Narelle provides the vision of what is possible, creates systems that suit the client’s personality and lifestyle, guides the client through sorting and storage, and then celebrates with them when they have a space that truly reflects who they are.

We will have blogs articles from Narelle and encourage you to click on the link and visit her website.

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