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16 December 2008

If it's made out of stone, it's here to stay!!

At Morpheus Property, we're often asked which professionals and tradefolk we recommend. After visiting MWS masonry and witnessing their penchant for perfection first hand, we can quite confidently vouch for their work.

MWS Masonry is lead by Matthew Stratton, a qualified stonemason and perfectionist!!

Their range of services include:
  • Project Design and Concept Advice
  • Project Process
  • Kitchen Tips
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Fireplaces
  • Stone Furniture & Custom Stone Pieces
Using engineered stone, granite, marble and sandstone, MWS Masonry will create a unique look in your new home, renovation or next development project.

Here are a few sample images of their work:

Don't take our word for it, visit the crew out at Belmont and take a look for yourself!!

Call Matthew on 07 3890 2091 OR 0422 444 973 to arrange an appointment.

Yours in Property!

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