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04 November 2008


DOWN 0.75% to a Cash Rate of 5.25%

Bad times in property markets are great times to buy property! While most home-buyers and investors have sat on their hands waiting for something to happen, even if they weren't quite sure what it was they were waiting to happen. The housing market in Australia is being driven by sentiment that doesn't match the underlying economic fundamentals of the Australian ecomnomy and the housing market, and is looking more to the property markets of the US.

This has deterred new and old buyers alike, but this stalemate can't last with a distinct lack of suitable housing to meet demand, vacancy rates low, money becoming cheaper and the huge incentives for first home buyers. Housing prices will stabilise and now is a great time to buy at or near the bottom of the market cycle.

With interest rates falling, the population in SE Queensland rising and a lack of housing supply, property is still an excellent investment. The masses tend to buy when prices are high and sell in the tough times when they are low. Smart property investors work counter to the cycle, buying low and selling high are capitalising on others' mistakes.

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