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29 October 2008

The Qld Law Society (QLS) has this week recommended for law society members to bring to the attention of their clients the following ‘Fraud Alert’.

There are bogus emails doing the rounds purporting to be from a Lawyer called 'Catanese Palacios' from a UK-based law firm called 'Baur and Associates'. This email then seeks to obtain personal identification information from the property seller in Queensland:

QLS has advised that the law firm 'Baur and Associates', and/or the practitioner 'Catanese Palacios' DO NOT exist and cannot be identified by the UK Law Society. Individuals and businesses operating in the property market should take note and always be aware of new scams and fraud related matters.

Effective due diligence processes and skills are paramount and a cautious approach should be taken with all matters to minimise fraud / scam exposure. Our Legal Partners work to give our clients options, to keep them informed on their rights and obligations, and to advise them on the full scope of solutions to ensure our clients are fully equipped to make the best business decisions and to protect their investment and commercial interests.

Should you have any questions with respect to your due diligence processes and fraud protection, please call Morpheus Property on 1300 727 586.

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