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03 October 2008

Property Market Results Defy Doom & Gloom Merchants

Extract from RP Data media release on 1st October 2008:

"The national end of month property indices report released today by RP Data & Rismark International confirms that the supply and demand imbalance currently being experienced in the Australian property market has placed a floor under housing prices, resulting in minimal value falls.

Based on the analysis in the report, this is most evident in the metropolitan areas around the country where record population growth has not been accompanied by new dwellings to satisfy the housing demand.

According to RP Data National Research Director Tim Lawless the property market has proven to be remarkably resilient with national dwelling values remaining positive over the 12 months ending August 2008. Over the three months to August 2008 there was a modest decline with property values down by just 0.96 per cent over this period.

Mr Lawless said the recent figures should put to rest claims that Australia’s property market is headed for a crash. “In fact, values are holding relatively firm particularly when compared to the benchmark equities S&P/ASX 200 Index which dropped by 19 per cent between January and August,” he said.

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