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09 October 2008

Migrating to Australia? Use a Migration Agency!!

  • Are you Looking for immigration assistance for Australia?

  • Are you seeking to become a permanent resident of Australia?

  • Are you searching for a job in Australia?
We are proud to partner with "No Borders Migration Advocates", who provide a holistic service, giving you the best chance of a successful migration experience.

No Borders Migration Advocates will assist through the entire process, to ensure that you successfully migrate to Australia with the best visa for your specific situation.

Immigration for Australia is the dream for many people, and for those already living in Australia becoming a permanent resident or an Australien Citizen is usually the next step. The team at NO BORDERS shares your dreams and your wishes and will guide you all the way.

From deciding which visa to apply for, points test, help with drafting documents, lodging your application, providing evidence, liaisons with DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) and following the progress of the application. NO BORDERS help you with settling into your new life in Australia (eg. how to apply for a Tax number, where to get a driver license, which area is best to live in, job search, organise social gatherings, etc. )

You can CLICK HERE to start the FREE Online Assessment or contact your NO BORDERS migration agent today!!

Ph: +61 7 3876 4000

Fax: +61 7 3876 5788

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1. The FREE Assessment is designed for skilled people to instantly determine if they are eligible to migrate to Australia on a Skilled Independent Visa. The assessment is based on the criteria given by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

2. The quick assessment will take you about five minutes to complete, is easy to follow and results are instant.
3. You should not rely on this result alone as a true indication of your eligibility to apply for an Australian visa.

1 comment:

Nab That Job in Australia! said...

I agree that is is highly important to use a migration agent if you are serious about migrating to Australia because you want to be confident and get it right the first time. Once you have your visa, or if perhaps you require sponsorship from a company, you will need to ensure that you have what it takes to land a job in Australia. This is where I can help. Visit and learn how you can land a job in Australia.
NB - I would love to learn more about No Borders, however the web links don't seem to be working