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06 August 2008

Morpheus Property guest speaker at PING

Pictured: Martyn Fleming (Morpheus Property), Terry Playle (PING)

Martyn Fleming and Guy Clarke (Morpheus Property) offered a presentation to members of PING (Property Investment Networking Group). Our core objective was to build an awareness of the 'Buyers Agency' concept and how it fits in the property market.

The concept was warmly received by PING members and everyone had a great night evening, sharing a drink and a tale or two. Most members are seasoned property investors or developers with lessons under their belt, but all still keen to learn.

We were also there to learn of opportunities that may suit our buyers and we'll be in contact with a few of our buyers of the next few days.

Our thanks to Terry and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with PING.

Yours in property!


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Morpheus Property - Admin said...

Hello Lonely Paul!

We welcome all types on our blog.. even bears... that are blue...

Let me know if you have any questions about our blog, or property in Australia.

Yours in property.