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09 August 2008

How do you convert square metres into squares?

You are most likely to see land and buildings referred to in terms of 'square metres', however, you may also hear the term 'squares'.

'Squares' dates back to our pre-metric days, but is still used today - mostly when we're talking about the size of a house. Don't be too put off, as we have a few quick calculations below to help you out.

A "square" is traditionally 10 foot x 10 foot, which is the equivalent of 3.048m x 3.048m.

3.048m squared is 9.29 square metres, so to divide square metres into (traditional) squares, divide by 9.29.

Example - m2 into squares
A property is 10m x 10m = 100m2.
To convert to squares, 100m2/9.29 = 10.76 squares.

Example 2 - squares into m2
You are told a property is 15 squares
To convert into m2, 15 x 9.29 = 139.35m2.

I hope this helps, but if you have any questions, call 1300 727 586.

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Well explained. Thanks