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22 August 2008

From South Africa? Need to expand your network?

At Morpheus Property, we don't just buy property. When our clients are migrating to Australia, we try to be as helpful as possible:
- Discuss the move and any needs before arrival (such as storage, professional services, etc)
- Talk about good locations, which match the employment skills or business interests of our clients
- Suggest useful network connections (business and social)
- Help with general questions about life in Australia
- Help in any other way we can!

As part of this process, we have found there are very useful organisations, who understand the needs of people migrating to Australia.

For example, people migrating from South Africa find the following organisations, websites and thier networking meetings useful:

Africa Club of Queensland - website newsletter events

Sabona - website magazine events

Although Allo Allo is an expat site, it's a useful reference point for people considering life in Australia. We are also in contact with migration agents who specialise in assisting South Africans in the migration process.

Of course, our primary function as a property buyers agent is to find our clients the right property at the right price (often before their arrival date). Because we know Queensland, we save our clients the time and effort involved in becoming familiar with the market. We also know what represents good value. We can judge which area and which property would be most suitable based on our client's lifestyle and functional needs.

If you would like us to help you, contact us today - or complete your requirements and send them to us today.

Yours in property!

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