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06 August 2008

BCC - Changes to Student Accommodation?

Brisbane City Council are looking to reduce the number of people allowed to live in a single dwelling. Civic Cabinet are expected to approve the change, which will cap the number of unrelated people (students) from six to five.

This may effect property investors, who are considering purchasing this type of investment.

Buyer beware!

Yours in Property!


Julie said...

It can be tough finding decent accommodation for students. I am fortunate to have a good job and was able to financially help my daughter and her friends when they were looking at apartments to rent in Birmingham. I am glad they are living in a fairly decent home while they study for their degrees.

Martyn Fleming - Buyer's Agent said...

Hi Julie

The great majority of landlords in Brisbane are quite responsible, but there are a few rogues out there.

1/ Vendors (people selling their property) and their agents who promote a property beyond it's capacity. They inflate the price, based on an unrealistic yield. As always, it's 'caveat emptor' (buyer beware), which is where we can help.

2/ Landlords, who cram them into garages, etc.

I agree, it's good to be able to find your kids decent accommodation. This is particularly the case when parents are sending their kids overseas. If they want to buy their accommodation instead of renting it, we can help there too.

Anonymous said...

there are a variety of accommodation options are available and many of our landlords have been housing our students for a number of years.

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