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20 June 2008

Preparing your house for sale!

You are buying a new home. For most people this means that they are also selling a home. A well maintained and presented home will sell faster and give you your best chance of maximising the price you obtain. A person’s first impression of your house will be their lasting impression, as they go away to make decisions about if they wish to buy your home and how much they will offer you.

Performing large and expensive renovations will not necessarily sell your house faster nor gain a better price. It is best to make those cosmetic and easy repairs that will affect the overall impression the house leaves in the eyes of any prospective buyer. These things might include things such as cleaning, painting, refinishing, and other such work. These activities don’t require a lot of money or time, but can make a huge difference to the finish of a property.

Ensure that any improvements or changes you make are not done with just your taste in mind. Remember you are doing this work in order to make the house more appealing for sale. Don’t take on a whole raft of DIY improvement projects. Simply harvest the low hanging fruit that will deliver a clean, well maintained and presented home.

Yours in property!

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