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10 June 2008

Moving House

You have bought your new dream home, but you now face the nightmare of moving!

Use the following checklist to ensure everyone's kept up to date.
  • Friends and Family
  • Electricity, gas, phone and garden bag guys
  • The kids Schools, preschools and day care Groups
  • The Electoral Role so you don’t get a fine for not voting
  • Any Professional bodies, unions or groups of which you are members
  • Your Bank or Building Society
  • Your Accountant, Lawyer or other regular professional service provider
  • Insurance companies for health, car and house
  • Local Council Authority
  • Queensland Transport for your Registration and Drivers License
  • Your parole and probation officers
  • The Tax Office. Yeah we know, but they need to know for the refunds too
  • Store card accounts, like Myers, etc
  • Lease, hire or rental companies
  • Your employer, particularly the payroll and admin area
  • The Family Doctor and Dentist
  • Your mother-in-law (optional)
  • RACQ, NRMA or equivalent Motoring Association
  • The Newsagent
  • Morpheus Property (of course) - To make sure you don't miss the next hot property hitting the market.
The Post Office will assist with changing your address. Enquire with Australia Post for further information.

Yours in property!

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