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06 June 2008

Location? Location? Location?... Are you sure?

How many times have we heard the advice when considering the purchase of property - location, location, location? So, what's changed? Answer: Not much!

Residential Property
To maximise capital growth and rental return, or just simply to make your busy life more convenient, it is important that the property be close to amenities, such as:
  • Schools
  • Place of work
  • Public transport
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Cinemas, Cafes and Restaurants
  • Other Emergency Services
The property shouldn’t be within “earshot” of major highways and railway lines. It is good to be close to highways and train stations, however future tenants or buyers may put off by excessive noise if the property is too close.

For future transport projects in your area, filter our blog using the "Infrastructure News" and check with your local council and Department of Main Roads.

Commercial property
This is an entirely different kettle of fish. Here, a business owner will need to look at a combination of factors, including:
  • accessibility to customers, workers and suppliers
  • function - e.g. how much floor space, what the building needs to be used for, etc
  • utilities and services - such as electricity and communications
  • competition and complimentary services in the area

Construction in the area, as well as roads and infrastructure projects can have a significant impact on how well the business will perform.

Why do some commercial properties perform better than others? Simple - supply and demand. This is why you need a high calibre Buyer's Agent, who understands these issues and can ensure you get the best result as the business owner, or as the property investor.

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Yours in property!

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