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06 June 2008

Buying Criteria

Whether you are buying your own home, an investment or commercial property you must set down the criteria by which you will make you purchasing decision. If you are looking at commercial properties the following are some criteria (not exhaustive list) that you might take into account:

  • Position, position, position based on the assessment of many criteria such as emerging population trends, business and mining investment etc
  • Modern and well Constructed building – this will give you an attractive easily leased property with solid depreciation prospects
  • Calibre of Tenant – the property must be able to easily attract a good quality tenant at a rate that gives your desired return on investment (ROI)
  • Ensure that the Lease Document you use has been reviewed by your solicitor so that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s crossed
  • Review current rents of the property and ensure that these are not overpriced as this could distort your ROI calculations
  • Look at Value Add Options in the Title of the property – You may be able to subdivide the Title for a parcel of land or an entire building. However ensure that you do your sums so that the ROI is there with the added expenses of this type of activity.

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