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29 January 2008

Rental appraisal - Don't miss out!

So, you're an investor with residential or commercial property?

This means you either use a property manager or you're braving it yourself. Either way, the property market has moved significantly over the last 12 months, demand is strong and the future is promising. However, if you fail to adjust your tenancy agreement, money can easily slip through your fingers.

When you manage your own property, negotiating with tenants can be an awkward conversation, especially with good tenants. As busy professionals, this can also be time-consuming and easily put off.

When using an property manager, you're often no better off.... depending on who manages your property. This is particularly the case where the property manager spends more time with the tenant than yourself (the owner) and forgets who they're representing, or who's paying the commission - Sound familiar?

If you need an appraisal on your property, contact us on 1300 727 586. We can help with impartial advice and more...

The savings could fund your next investment property!!!

Yours in property.

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