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13 December 2007

Meetings - Something 'left of centre' from property

Meetings? ... I know this isn't exactly property but we all know meetings are a curse, so I thought i would throw a few tips to help make meetings more productive.

Meeting Tips

  1. Have an effective Chair or Facilitator - The Chair sets a productive tone for the meeting. Effective meeting facilitation starts with a review of the objectives of the meeting or anticipated outcomes. The facilitator should help members stay focused and productive;

  2. Make meetings fun .. have an informal part of the meeting where you can get the participants relaxed and in the mood for contribution;

  3. Do not call meetings when some other form of information sharing is possible;

  4. People have different ways of taking in information and most people can read faster than a presenter can speak so send material ahead so that the message is reinforced;

  5. Plan the meeting and have concrete goals not just an agenda. People will resent coming to meetings if they continue to be ineffective talk fests. A purpose must be accomplished;

  6. Have hard held start and finish times and stick to them. There is nothing worse than people feeling that they are wasting their time with waffle and ineffective meetings;
    Restrict attendance to only those who need to be there;

  7. During the meeting, make a follow-up plan with action items. Effective plans include:the specific action item, the name of the person who committed to “owning” the accomplishment of the action item, the due date of the action item, an agreement about what constitutes completion of the action item;

  8. Appoint a scribe whose sole responsibility is to record the discussion, write it up, and circulate the meeting notes within 24 hours.

    These are just a few of my ideas. What ideas do you have to make meetings more effective?
Yours in property

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