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02 December 2007

$1.7bn Development

This 'Darling Harbour' style delopment will change Brisbane's city-scape and have significant flow-on impacts to the South Brisbane precinct.

Your thoughts?

1 comment:

Morpheus Guy said...

i asked the following question of my Linkedin network:

What do people think of the "North Bank" Development?
What do people think of the new Development of the Northern Banks of the Brisbane river in the Brisbane CBD. Here is an interesting link to a news story -,25197,22851356-5006786,00.html Let me know what you think? Guy

Here is a sample of the response i got:

Great Question. The North Bank proposal is going to create major transport problems. All of the people that are gong to fill the buildings are going tom ake their way there by:

Train? oops, it is the furtherest point from Roma & Central stations
Bus? oops, the buses are already running late and they can't find anyone to supply more
car? not a good choice

I'm guessing that Qld Govt is going to be an anchor tenant.

I'd prefer we left the mangroves where they are and develop Toowong or Chermside. Name withheld

Hello Guy, I agree entirely with the previous person....why on earth would we want to encourage thousands more people to a part of town that has virtually no public transport access?

Don't we already have an excess of inner city residential and office space already?
cheers - Name withheld